Tune ECU Software for your Bike – Remapping & Diagnostics

TuneECU is an Android software for the reprogramming, diagnosis and testing of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) fitted to Electronic Fuel Injected Triumph, KTM, Aprilia & Benelli motorcycles.
It covers the following makes of bike: Triumph, KTM, Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Husqvarna, Moto-Guzzi, Ducati, CCM, Gilera & Moto Morini.

Hardware available here (as recommended working on Tuneecu site)

Please see tuneecu.net for software and details

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4 Responses to Tune ECU Software for your Bike – Remapping & Diagnostics

  1. John Barkess says:

    Hello, I am looking for a reasonable code and diagnostic reader for my Triumph Bonneville 865 2006 model, for servicing and if any faults occur I am planning on keeping this bike for myself and keeping it for some time. I have been in the motor trade for 44 years and this is so I have the right equipment to keep this bike in tip-top condition.
    I would be very grateful if you could keep me right on the code reader and I would like to purchase a product from yourselves, with all I need.
    Kind Regards John Barkess.

  2. Gordon L Cronin Jr says:

    Greetings!! I own a Triumph Rocket 3 GT! My fuel gauge does not report! Don’t know
    if the fuel level Sensor is faulty or not! Desire Software to troubleshoot! Can the fuel
    system be reset by defaultsettings???? Thanx Much!!

    • FCR1 says:

      Doubtful a fault code reader or any kind of reset would help in this instance. I would check wiring and the level sensor itself.

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