Air Bag light has come on in my VW!

Airbag Light Symbol on your dashboard.

If the airbag light has come on in your VW (or any of the VAG models) you might be concerned that it’s an expensive fix.

Airbag lights (also known as SRS) will illuminate if any part of the system is compromised. So, even if a cable is disconnected and reconnected, the light will remain on. In many cases just moving a seat right back can pull on the connection. We hear many cases where someone installing new audio equipment has disconnected the system inadvertently.

Not to worry, it can easily be reset with the VAG Reader and Resetter in seconds. Just plug in, press a few keys – the codes will be reset and the light extinguished!

The basic Reader/Resetters also cover Engine Check and ABS lights. In addition Automatic Transmission. An invaluable piece of kit which pays for itself many times over with one use.


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